Promptin' Clients

Just A Smattering of The Clients We Prompt, No Big Deal

Official Teleprompter of Bon Jovi Tours. We even have the necklace!
Whenever the Tonight Show Uses Prompter, we're there!
Watch What Happens, The Real Housewives Reunions on the East coast, BravoCon, And More! Prompter!
WarnerMedia Upfront Prompter for 10 years straight

What We're All About

Hello, May Name Is Prompter

PROMPTIN' AIN'T EASY... (use a pro)

We're not just the best Teleprompter company in the known universe, our operators are actually... 



If you've hired another Prompter company, you've no doubt run into: 

  • 1. The weirdo prompter guy with the schtick who loves chatting up the client / talent;

  • 2.  The too-hip-for-you "holistic healer" gal who shows up in the cruddy hoodie and the winter cap (even in the summer!) who only drinks raw milk and tries to get you into a pyramid scheme for healing wrist bands

  • 3. The newbie intern who doesn't know the difference between a riser block and a counterbalance and definitely doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're."

  At Promptin', we live by the slogan, "Promptin' Ain't Easy." And by that estimation, you should use a professional...  Professionals we are! 

All of our ops have extensive theater and studio backgrounds before coming aboard. They are trained in a veritable teleprompting dojo by the Grand Poobah of prompting --who has over 20 years of experience -- and are only sent on site when they are vetted and verified as ready, willing and NOT weird. 

 Our ops are so good at this, that many clients forget they have first names... and they all respond to the shout of "Prompter!" 


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