Rick Rolling the Teleprompting Competition

Remote Force Promptin'

We're NEVER gonna let you down!

In this era of "social distancing," our Mad Scientists* at Promptin' HQ have developed a way of delivering not only the actual  teleprompting gear, but the Promptin' Pro without any contact whatsoever. 

We'll send an easy peasy "Remote Force Promptin' Pack" to your talent's door and walk them through setup.   No need to use your phone or personal iPad. Use ours, and send it back when you're done!

The speaker will be paired with their very own remote Promptin' MasterOp, with whom they can communicate constantly. 

Before you know it, your speaker will be peaking down-the-barrel of the lens and engaging the audience as if in the same room,

Stay on script, stay focused on your words and not on the always shirtless zoom guy, stay on target!


*Scientists not actually mad, nor grumpy.

Reservations Are Filling Up!

Give us at LEAST 4 days lead time outside of the New York Metro area to deliver the gear and Book A Prompter at the button below.